Coil Embolization of Aneurysm

Coil embolization is another procedure to treat brain aneurysms. During this procedure, a catheter is placed in the groin and runs up to the brain aneurysm. Tiny, soft platinum coils are placed into the aneurysm. A blood clot forms around the coils to effectively prevent blood from entering into the aneurysm, and ideally preventing the risk of the aneurysm bursting.

Sometimes, a stent (small mesh tube) is used when the aneurysm is wide. It covers the neck of the aneurysm and helps keep the coils in place. In other cases, a balloon may be inflated at the neck of the aneurysm to help keep in the coils in place. The balloon is temporary.

Neuroendovascular Procedure Dr.Yashar

Coiling may be performed as a preventative measure for those with un-ruptured aneurysms. However, is can also be performed on ruptured aneurysms.

Flowing Diverting Stent for Aneurysm

Another treatment for brain aneurysms is the surgical placement of flow diverting stents. As the name suggests, flow diversion is an endovascular technique that places a device (stent) in the parent blood vessel which diverts blood flow away from the aneurysm.

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