Bone Spurs

Bone Spurs

A bone spur or an osteophyte is an abnormal growth on the surface of a bone due to friction and degeneration. Bone spurs on their own are asymptomatic and will only cause symptoms if they come in contact with surrounding bones, nerves and tissues. Bone spurs can progressively grow in size and place pressure on nearby nerves or the spinal cord. They are most commonly found in the spine. Get the best available bone spurs treatment Los Angeles and Beverly Hills has to offer with preeminent spine and neurosurgeon Dr. Yashar.

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Symptoms of Bone Spurs

Localized Pain - Pain will be centralized around the source of the compression as the bone spur places pressure on the surrounding nerve roots or spinal cord.

Swelling and Tenderness - As compression occurs, bone spurs may cause swelling and tenderness around the area of pressure.

Muscle Spasms - Muscle spasms may arise and lead to muscles contraction as bone spurs continue to cause compression.

Numbness and Tingling - As pressure is placed on the surrounding nerves or spinal cord, numbness and tingling may occur throughout the body.

Limited Mobility - With chronic pain and other symptoms, functionality and mobility of the spine may become stifled.

Cause of Bone Spurs

Bone spurs may develop over time due to aging. Natural degeneration of the spine occurs as tendons and ligaments become stressed. Traumatic accidents or sports injuries may lead to the growth of bone spurs. Osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis are commonly linked to the cause of bone spurs.

Diagnosis of Bone Spurs

Dr. Yashar will base his diagnosis upon an exhaustive consultation. During this consultation, he will evaluate the presented symptoms, medical history and needs of the patient. Additional testing such as an X-ray exam, CT scan or MRI may be performed to further evaluate this spinal condition.

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Treatment Options

To treat any spinal condition, Dr. Yashar will start the patient treatment plan with a conservative form of treatment. More controlled methods may include physical therapy, medications, weight management and cortisone injections. In some cases, conservative efforts may fall short and a surgical approach may be required. Our spine surgery uses the latest in surgical techniques and is minimally invasive. Decompression spine procedures effectively treat bone spurs by alleviating pain and restoring functionality.

Yashar Neurosurgery offers specialized spine procedures including the discectomy, foraminotomy and laminotomy procedures as surgical options to treat bone spurs.

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