Compression Fractures

Compression Fractures

Compression fractures are typically defined as a vertebral bone in the spine that has decreased in height as a result of fracture. Usually the height decrease is a 15%-20% reduction. Compression fractures can occur in the vertebrae anywhere in the spine, but they often tend to happen in the upper region, also known as the thoracic spine.

Types Of Fractures

Compression fractures as a result of weak bones, or osteoprorosis are also commonly referred to as a vertebral fracture, osteoporotic fracture, or wedge fracture.

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  • Wedge Fracture. This is used to describe a fracture that occurs in the front of the vertebrae, which collapses the bone in the front while leaving the back are of the same bone unchanged. This results results in a wedge shape vertebra, which is generally a mechanically stable fracture pattern.
  • Crush Fracture. This is when the entire bone breaks, as opposed to just the front when compared to a wedge fracture.
  • Burst Fracture. This fracture involves height loss in both the front and back walls of the vertebral body. Burst fractures can be unstable and result in progressive deformity or a compromise to your neurological health.

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  • General back pain, usually just acute but can aggravate to chronic.
  • Loss of height.
  • Internal organ crowding.
  • Loss of muscle.
  • Worsened aerobic conditioning, as a result of less physical ability and activity.

Compression Fracture Los Angeles & Beverly Hills Treatment Options

Surgical and treatment options for compression fractures at Yashar Neurosurgery include kyphoplasty or more depending on your assessment with Dr. Yashar.

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