Disc Extrusion

Disc Extrusion

Disc extrusion occurs when degenerative discs become ruptured. When a disc tears, the inner core becomes exposed and may place pressure on the surrounding nerves or spinal cord. Symptoms will only occur when pressure is directly placed on the nerves or cord. Disc extrusion can occur in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar region of the spine. This spinal condition is also referred to as a herniated disc.

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Symptoms of Disc extrusion

Localized Pain - Depending on the location of the disc extrusion, pain will be centralized around this region of the spine.

Stiffness - Limited mobility and stiffness may occur as the inner nucleus extrudes and compresses a nearby nerve or the spinal column.

Radiating Pain - Mild compression of a nerve may cause shooting pain throughout the body.

Numbness and Tingling - Sensations of numbness or tingling might occur as the spinal nerve becomes compressed.

Muscle Weakness - Muscle weakness may stem from constant compression caused by the degeneration of the disc.

Cause of Disc Extrusion

Although there is no definite cause of disc extrusion, there are a few leading causes that contribute to this spinal condition. Over time, the spinal cord may degenerate and cause discs to tear and extrude its inner soft core. Traumatic accidents and sports injuries may cause irreparable damage and disrupt the spinal cord causing this spinal condition. Excess weight may create pressure on discs and accelerate degeneration.

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Diagnosis of Disc Extrusion

To properly diagnose this condition, Dr. Yashar will perform a thorough consultation. He will discuss the patient’s symptoms, perform a physical exam, assess their medical history and concerns. Dr. Yashar will conduct all other necessary tests like an MRI, CT scan or x-ray to evaluate the spinal condition. Once all testing has been completed, he will then develop a specialized treatment plan for the patient.

Treatment Options

Dr. Yashar believes in exhausting all conservative treatment options before embarking on a surgical route. Controlled methods of therapy may include chiropractic care, hot and cold therapy, medications and steroid injections. If symptoms persist, he may recommend spine surgery. At Yashar Neurosurgery, Dr. Yashar uses state-of-the-art technology and the latest surgical advancements to perform all spine procedures. He uses the top minimally invasive decompression procedures to alleviate symptoms caused by a ruptured disc.

To treat disc extrusion, Dr. Yashar offers specialized decompression procedures.

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