Disc Protrusion

Disc Protrusion

As disc deteriorate, they are more susceptible to becoming displaced and may cause disc protrusion. Discs may project into nearby nerves or the spinal cord and result in debilitating pain. This condition can occur in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar region of the spine. Symptoms of disc protrusion will vary on the location of the issue and the severity of the protrusion.

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Symptoms of Disc Protrusion

Chronic Pain - Chronic localized or radiating pain may arise as the nerves or spinal cord is compressed by the disc protrusion.

Numbness and Tingling - Numbness and tingling may occur near the site of compression and could extend throughout the entire body.

Sciatica - This condition may arise when the compression occurs lumbar region on the sciatic nerve and cause various other symptoms.

Muscle Complications - As nerves are compressed by this condition, muscles may become stiff or weakened.

Cause of Disc Protrusion

Although this spinal condition does not have a main cause, there are a few leading factors that can contribute to disc protrusion. As aging occurs, disc degeneration naturally occurs and can lead to this condition. Obesity can create unneeded pressure on the spinal cord and cause damaging disc movement. A family history of spinal conditions may put patients at a greater risk of developing a spinal condition like disc protrusion. Injuries from accidents or sports may disrupt the spinal structure and contribute to this condition.

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Diagnosis of Disc Protrusion

Dr. Yashar is dedicated to helping patients identify and treat their spinal condition. In this effort, he takes the time to perform an exhaustive consultation with each patient to clearly evaluate every aspect of their condition. During the initial appointment, Dr. Yashar will perform a thorough physical exam, assess the patient’s symptoms, discuss their concerns and complete any further testing to diagnose the condition. Tests may include MRIS, CT scans or x-ray exams to pinpoint the problem area and develop a customized treatment plan for the patient.

Treatment Options

Initially, Dr. Yashar starts most patient treatment plans with conservative options. More controlled methods of treatment offered include medications, specialized injections and hot and cold therapy. If all conservative treatments fall, then Dr. Yashar may recommend our minimally invasive spine surgery. At Yashar Neurosurgery, we utilize the leading state-of-the-art technology to perform all spine procedures.

Dr. Yashar offers specialized decompression procedures to treat disc protrusion and provide relief.

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