Failed Back Syndrome

Failed Back Syndrome

Failed back surgery syndrome (also called FBSS, or failed back syndrome) is not actually a syndrome but rather a term used to deem failure of relief of pain after a back (spine) surgery. FBSS can be described as the persistence of back or leg pain following back or spine surgery. Back surgery does not technically get rid of pain, but rather it simply changes the anatomy of the spine. This in turn will hopefully help alleviate and eliminate what is most likely causing the back pain. Get the best treatment for failed back syndrome Los Angeles and Beverly Hills has to offer with Yashar Neurosurgery.

Failed Back Syndrome Dr.Yashar

Spine Surgery Is Only Able To Accomplish 2 Things:

  • Decompress a nerve root that is pinched, or
  • Stabilize a painful joint.

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The best way one can avoid having results that are less than desirable is to ensure the surgery to be performed has a high success rate. Performing a surgery that does not have a high success rate may yield undesirable results. A patient that has had a back surgery that did not provide relief will have a formal consultation with Dr. Yashar to address all of the options available. Dr. Yashar may recommend a spinal cord stimulator, which sends signals to the spinal cord to control pain.

Failed Back Syndrome Los Angeles & Beverly Hills Treatment Options

After your assessment with Dr. Yashar, we will develop a treatment plan for your FBSS. Your failed back syndrome treatment options can include spine procedures such as a discectomy or spinal cord stimulation for relief.

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