Does Smoking Cause Back Pain?

The scientific consensus is overwhelming. Smoking is terrible for your health. Unfortunately, many people who smoke view the side effects as something that will affect them in the distant future rather than in the present. When discussing the negative health ramifications of smoking, we tend to focus on cancer and heart disease. People depicted in […]

What are the Symptoms of a Spine Tumor?

There’s no such thing as a fun tumor, but spinal tumors can be particularly frightening due to the effects on your nervous system. Fortunately, these effects act similar to an early warning system. They let you know something is wrong so you can immediately seek professional help. For more information regarding spinal tumor treatment in […]

How Long Should Your Back Hurt After a Discectomy?

Patients often choose to undergo a discectomy to correct areas of their spine that consistently cause pain. However, the relief from the pain is not always immediate as one would like since there can be some pain experienced following the discectomy and throughout the healing process. For that reason, it is extremely important to be […]

Causes of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Failed back surgery syndrome defines a prolonged pain or discomfort after a failed back surgery. A patient may experience this pain for a variety of different reasons, and they all require a good amount of postoperative evaluation to determine the cause.It is important that the back surgeon identifies the problem as soon as possible. If […]

How is Lumbar Decompression Performed?

Back pain, no matter the cause, can be debilitating for those who suffer from it. Identifying the cause can help determine a course of treatment, but the spine is a complex structure of bones, nerves muscles, tendons, ligaments and discs. These factors combine to help support the body and allow us to stand upright. The […]